Winter espadrilles. Polar espadrilles

Winter espadrilles? Yes. What would our grandparents say if they see their rustic old espadrilles turned into such a versatile and practical as it is now product? Perhaps they would say that is impossible, espadrilles have been and will always be a shoe made of jute or esparto attached to a piece of cloth, which limits it much as the bad weather begin to arrive.

Much have changed since the time of our grandparents, including for the espadrille. And many have also evolved materials, accessories and fabrics to draw upon when making a espadrille. Fortunately today any shoe can be adapted to any season, and although the espadrille has taken a while up to join trends outside the spring-summer season time, due to its peculiar star material, esparto or jute, in the end they have gained in strength at the time of cold and less hot countries, such as northern Europe.

Our winter espadrilles

We, Walk Heart,  wanted to participate innovating new designs of espadrilles winter outside what is commonly being seen in the market, marking shoes with our own style, playing with colors and accessories that make the shoes that you wear something proper and exclusive.

The first thing we have raised is its functionality. And they must not only have the typical comfort that every espadrille has but must also cherish and protect from the cold and even rain. Therefore when designing winter espadrilles we opted for a material that met all those conditions. Hence the idea of polar espadrilles emerged.

Platform espadrilles Walk Heart
Platform espadrilles with jute sole, comic fabric, fleece inside and waterproof fabric layer in between.

Polar espadrilles

Obviously the soles of espadrilles in all the autumn-winter collection are jute soles reinforced in its floor with a full rubber sheet, isolating jute from cold in winter.

Winter espadrilles Walk Heart

Also inside winter espadrille, specifically in this case the polar alpargatas, are coated with three layers of different tissues which each fulfilling its function. Outside is the fabric or canvas that serves as a first skin, mainly aesthetic. Inside we have put a fleece that gives particularly for winter espadrilles that feeling of warmth and cold insulation. And finally between the latter two there is a layer of fully breathable waterproof fabric that protects the espadrille from any inclement weather as rain.

Winter espadrilles Walk Heart

This triple layer design gives protection and durability for winter espadrilles, braking with their inner layers any moisture or cold that could leak, although obviously they are not for use on rainy days or cold very intense.

Variety of fabrics and models

Beyond the polar espadrilles, winter espadrilles also cover other models with different fabrics and various tissues. From ecological leather with fur inside, to real natural lambskin. Also from bootie type models to sneakers type models, going by the typical high bootie, perfect for the cold winter. And from flat sole models designed for men, to models winter espadrilles designed for children, going by models with platform espadrilles.

Platform espadrilles Walk Heart
Suede platform espadrilles, fur inside, with platform sole, maroon and red colors, exchanged in each espadrille, red suede ties.
Platform espadrilles Walk Heart
Platform espadrilles, organic black leather with fur inside and red laces
Winter espadrilles Walk Heart
Natural fur boots and platform sole
Kids booties Walk Heart
Kids booties, organic leather, brown and maroon exchanged
Mens booties Walk Heart
Mens booties, brown suede and fur inside, flat sole with a blue ribbon on the edge.

As you can see much is the variety of models that encompass the winter espadrilles, so our grandparents can no longer say that the espadrille is only for good weather.

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