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Straw sandals: Natural Jute

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Straw sandals made entirely of natural fabric of jute.

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Handmade espadrilles Walk Heart. Straw sandals made entirely of natural fabric of jute. Flat jute sole, also rubber reinforces for added durability. Double layer of fabric reinforces the front and back of the sandals. Right now this model is made with talonera at the back, which still reinforces more the sandals.

Product Care: straw sandals. Natural Jute.

It is not recommended to wash espadrilles with water in the washing machine or by hand. Water is not a friend element for jute because it alters their natural conditions.

If your espadrilles get dirty, the best you can do is try to pass a wipe gently, slightly wet, on the canvas until the dirt will disappear.

In the case of wet espadrilles in abundance, the best way to dry  is to leave them in a dry and shaded place during a sunny day. Direct force of the sun is not recommended for jute ropes.

Craft product. Straw sandals.

Espadrilles  Walk Heart are a handmade product, and their designs are unique and exclusive. For custom orders, you can contact us. And we can add or customize the parts that you want, simply with a price increase.

Finally, if you have questions about your size, you can go to our size guide. Or communicate us the measure of your foot.

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