Espadrille: How espadrille is made

The espadrille is a kind of footwear that can be flat or with elevated wedge. Basically it is a fabric or canvas sewn to a sole of braided jute. This sole has a great flexibility due to the material it is made: jute.

Espadrilles are being manufactured in northern Spain from the SXIX.


The most important part of the espadrille, the jute rope, is formed by braiding yarn made of jute plant. This yarn has strong insulating and antistatic properties, besides low thermal conductivity.

Jute rope is organic and recyclable making it environmentally friendly and respects nature, also it gives dressing espadrille a feeling of comfort and freshness.

Espadrille sole

Formerly the sole of the espadrille was braided by hand by the artisan on a bench called “espadrille bench” after braiding ropes were sewn with a punch. With time and the expansion and evolution of the espadrille this method changed, and now the strings of jute soles are braided with a machine, then vulcanize at 400ºC and adhere to a natural rubber, it will give three times more durability and provide more insulating without losing the breathability of jute.

jute espadrille sole
Home-made jute soles
Jute sole with rubber grid

Fashion and wedge soles

Today there are many different types of soles, result of evolution and espadrille entry into the world of fashion. It was Yves Saint Laurent who introduced the espadrille wedge and revolutionized the shoe back in the 60s.

Now apart from the classic flat-soled espadrille there are many more kinds of soles for the benefit of designers and consumers.

Espadrille Walk Heart
Espadrille low wedge

Famous brands like Channel wear espadrilles, and celebrities such as Salvador Dalí in his past days, also wear.

Espadrille Walk Heart
Celebrities wearing espadrilles

Hand crafted different models

Then, after making the soles, the fabric or natural cotton canvas is sewn to the sole so that is secure, this is where the hand of the craftsman and designer comes into play to shape the model in question and to translate into reality the fanciful idea.

At present this process of sewing and creating models and units is made by machine in factories, it is what we, Walk Heart, wanted to recover the traditional way that the espadrilles were made but incorporating all the modernity and glamor that industry and fashion have been able to contribute.

Also when a shoe is sewn by hand, strength and originality increases. Each model is unique and exclusive for our clients.

Espadrille Walk Heart
Om-Yoga Espadrilles

We make different kinds of espadrilles depending on to whom they are made. Espadrilles for celebrations, casual espadrilles for summer evenings, light sandals for the foot to breathe, espadrilles to wear in the city with jeans or dresses, espadrilles with embroidery and / or ornaments as trimmings, espadrilles on different themes, such as yoga, customized with the customer’s name or another, bridal espadrilles, espadrilles with drawings and Mayan motifs, made entirely of jute,etc … We try to keep originality than in the industrial manufacture of the espadrille is being lost.

The models listed in the espadrilles online shop are original prototypes that can then experiment slight variations during the making of the espadrilles in terms of decorations depending on the material in stock are available at all times, but always keeping the originality of the prototype in question.

How to use your espadrille

Most of espadrilles are made with fabrics like linen or cotton so they are very light, perfect for traveling.

How it is recommended to use them?

– Not recommended for use with socks. 😀
– Combine perfectly with shorts or pants fabric.
– You can use the traditional way or stepping on the back type flip flops.
IMPORTANT: Do not use them on rainy days. They are not for the rain because the esparto and jute absorb water easily. If by chance came to get wet it is better than put in the sun until dry.

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