Custom shoes. Unique & original.

If you’re a fan of espadrilles, but what you are looking for is something more, we can make your custom shoes order. Simply with a small increase in the final price on the established model.

Custom shoes with your name

We put your name, or any word you want, embroidered on the side, or in the front or rear part of your espadrilles, in the color you choose.

Custom shoes Walk Heart
Customize your espadrilles with your name

Soles, colors and decorations

In the same way each design or espadrille model can be adapted to your likes in terms of soles, embellishments, colors, within the materials at each given time we can get. I.e., if a model appears in the shop online with flat sole and a certain color, you can suggest another type of sole or color you would like in that same model. The same thing with embellishments, if you would like to have some embellishment that you desire so much in a certain model, you can suggest also. In this way you can have your own unique and custom shoes that nobody else will wear out there, marking your own difference and style.

Custom shoes Walk Heart
Custom shoes with ornaments

Custom shoes with embroidered designs

Within the custom shoes we also include custom embroidered espadrilles with any image or design. In Walk Heart Espadrilles, we specialize in embroidery on espadrilles and garments and have a series of embroidery designs which are those of most use, but if you would like to have your own embroidery design on your custom shoes then we can do it for you. You would only have to send the vectorized image of design and we adapt it for your espadrilles.

Custom shoes Walk Heart
Custom embroidered shoes

In custom orders, the customer must give clear information by email using images, drawings and description of what you want to customize. Any information that is not clearly detailed unequivocally, be dismissed.

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