Espadrilles shoes. Unique designs

Handmade espadrilles

We are a company of artisan footwear that dedicates to the manufacture of handmade espadrilles, designed and made by hand. Hence every pair of espadrilles is exclusive and unique. We separate of the industrial way in which today’s espadrilles are made.

We are located in a region of Spain whose tradition in the manufacture of espadrilles goes back centuries. Therefore we can choose relatively close to the best materials to give every model a maximum quality.

Espadrilles Walk Heart
Walk Heart Espadrilles

Charm and originality

We make every model of espadrille in detail without machine, so that exclusivity gives them an extra value that encompasses the old espadrille tradition. Accordingly every model of espadrille has that charm that only handmade things can have.

We design all kinds of espadrilles, for celebrations, ceremonies, theme, total jute, basic, printed, embroidered, sandals, with lace, trimmings, custom, for kids, flashy, leather, etc …

Espadrilles Walk Heart
Sewing our espadrilles

And we can interchange the soles of every  model and certain ornaments. Ie, a model with flat soles that appears in the photo, it could be with wedge sole. Same with the trimmings.

Products that appear in the online shop and catalogs are prototypes, ie original models. Therefore at the time of making the product for customers, it takes into account the materials we have. Always trying to keep the originality of the model even with small variations.

They are made to order, and you got them in a few days at home.

We also customize the pair of espadrilles with a name or drawing that customer chooses.

Ecological and organic materials

This artisan manufacture allows us to design models of espadrilles that arise every moment of designer fantasy without having to follow any market line. We use applications and decorations required to do so, and without losing the comfort of espadrille.

Besides, all this preparation and design is made of jute soles. And prepares properly intertwined with natural rubber to give the highest possible durability. And using ecological and organic materials.

Espadrilles Walk Heart
Sewing our espadrilles

How to buy

For any purchase the user only has to go to the online shop and select the desired products. If different variants of the selected product appear in the photo, it would be good that the customers communicate via the contact form which variant they want.

IMPORTANT to know: we have a wide variety and quantity of products , so we decided to offer the complete catalogs of all for the customer to choose with complete freedom. In the online shop we  include only a part of them, the rest is in the catalogs that are constantly being expanded. If the users want to buy a product of catalog but is not in the online shop, they only have to notify via the contact form or email. Clarifying name of the catalog, page on which the product is, and its name, plus the size of foot shoes.

Catalogs for download: 

You can click on the links

Spring Summer Collection

Especial Embroidery Collection

Fall Winter Collection

Ceremonies Communions Weddings Collection

Celebration Festivals Collection 

Wholesale distribution

If you want us to send you information about conditions and wholesale prices, you can contact us through our contact form.

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